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Steven Tyler Is Still His Own Worst Enemy


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Aerosmith was forced to cancel their concert last night in Paraguay after Steven Tyler fell down in his hotel bathroom. Tyler required stitches and emergency dental surgery to fix the two teeth he knocked out after he slipped in his shower, Reuters reports. After four hours in Paraguay's La Costa medical center, the singer was discharged in good condition. Tyler blamed his shower collapse on dehydration stemming from a bout with food poisoning, which is an excuse so ridiculous that it's actually believable. (Who gets dehydrated in a shower?)

Aerosmith rescheduled the gig in Asuncion to tonight. A bellboy at the hotel told a local radio station that the American Idol judge had a "nasty fall," which has become a reoccurring theme for Tyler in the past few years. In August 2009, the rocker canceled the remainder of Aerosmith's U.S. tour after breaking his shoulder following a fall from the stage during a gig in Sturgis, South Dakota. That incident set off a series of events that threatened to permanently splinter the long-running Boston band, as tensions between the members were provoked when Tyler stated he wanted to go solo. He also became addicted to pain medication because of his shoulder injuries, and checked into rehab in December 2009.

A year later, during a concert in Toronto, Tyler playfully bumped Joe Perry while the guitarist was in the middle of his "Love in an Elevator" solo. Perry exacted revenge by subtly pushing Tyler back while the singer was on the edge of the stage... and Tyler fell into the crowd. However, the 63-year-old avoided any injuries after that spill.

Here's Tyler falling off the stage in Sturgis, South Dakota in August 2009:

And here's Joe Perry pushing Tyler off the stage during a Toronto gig in August 2010:

Another angle of the hit-and-run:

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