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Steven Tyler Thinks the Best Way to Reach Joe Perry Is a Magazine Article


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In 2009, Aerosmith's Steven Tyler had trouble finding his footing and a venue other than a hardware store to perform his greatest hits. In 2011, he claims his biggest problem is finding his lead guitarist. In a new interview with Rolling Stone, the singer says, "I'm trying to rally the guys together [to record]. We're having trouble getting Joe [Perry]. I don't know where he is, but just come down to L.A. at the end of January sometime. I've had enough downtime."

Insulting Perry may not be the best way to coax him to the studio, however. "As far as Joe goes, look, the guy's got LSD -- Lead Strummer Disorder," Tyler told the magazine. We may have to call in Amp pal Marc Spitz to explain how that diagnosis differs from the dangerous Lead Vocalist Syndrome. Also, maybe someone should tell Tyler there are ways of communicating info to his bandmates other than through newspaper articles, which is how Perry learned of Tyler's new job on "American Idol," too.

That "Idol" gig is going to start pretty soon -- pre-taped audition episodes begin airing next week -- so whether or not you're like Kid Rock and think joining the judges' table is the "stupidest thing" Tyler has ever done, get ready for bon mots and leopard print galore. Here's the tune-in info, in case Joe Perry is reading: "American Idol" airs on Fox on Wednesdays and Thursdays starting January 19th.

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