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Strange Beef Alert: Black Keys Drummer Versus Lady Gaga Fans


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There's one cardinal rule about the Internet that celebrities should never break (well, two, as Anthony Weiner found out), and that is never badmouth Lady Gaga in a public forum. There are repercussions for doing so, as the Black Keys' drummer Patrick Carney just found out. Carney is a bit of a prankster on Twitter, often attempting to start wars with people like Ke$ha, Sarah Palin, and someone named "Bethenny Frankel." This weekend, Carney @-ed Ke$ha to make the six-months-too-late comment, "I still can't get over madonna's performance at the grammy's this year! She was born that way!"

Carney, taking a page from the book of Eminem, was making a really old joke -- that Gaga's "Born This Way" sounds like the Material Girl's "Express Yourself," something The Amp noted back in February. You'd think that gag wouldn't cause static anymore, but Gaga fans hit their keyboards with their collective paws up and started spewing bile in the direction of Carney's Twitter. The angry comments came pouring in, and rather than calm the situation, Carney fanned the flames by retweeting all the threats he was receiving. It's a practice comedian Neil Hamburger has been doing with Britney Spears fans in recent months, and it's hilarious.

The best comment, which Carney gladly retweeted, comes from the Gaga fan who wrote, "Who the f--- is @patrickcarney? The kid in the wheelchair from Glee??" The resemblance between Carney and the kid in the wheelchair from Glee is incredible. Also, this double-burn was impressive: "I liked you in the Wonder Years when you played Fred Savage's friend. As for @ladygaga, I liked him in Blade Runner." Other Gaga fans were quick to point out that, while Gaga may be cribbing Madonna's tunes, the Black Keys aren't exactly the most innovative band on the planet with their simple garage rock. Carney responded by pointing out how Gaga fans weren't exactly abiding by Gaga's anti-bullying stance.

Relive the "Carney verses Gaga fans" beef over at Patrick Carney's Twitter. Rewind to his June 5th tweets to Ke$ha for all the fun.

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