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Tay Zonday Explains the Current Economic Crisis Better Than CNBC


Unless you majored in microeconomics or have a subscription to the Wall Street Journal, you might be puzzled as to why this country is in a recession and why people are occupying city parks across the U.S. and who are the 1%. Fortunately, Tay Zonday, the YouTube sensation that gave us the pseudo-smash "Chocolate Rain" four years ago (73 million views and counting!), is back to explain the current economic crisis. In "Mama Economy," Zonday — along with his 8-bit beats, incredibly strange haircut, and deep baritone voice that would make Barry White jealous -- breaks down how this nation found itself in financial turmoil.

"This is how money is created from air… Bank bailouts? Federal budgets? Money isn't really there. It's an I.O.U. Remember, dollars are a promise," Zonday sings/raps/speaks, "When you borrow from a bank, it's not from other depositors. The money for your loan gets created on-the-spot, then they put it in your name, gamble on your life and body. But if you lose your job, then you were a bad bet. If a million lose their job, then we have a recession." Well, that explains everything. Who cares if it doesn't rhyme; this song is so much easier to understand than Too Big to Fail.

Bummed out by Zonday's gloomy portrait of the recession? Here's an adorable baby who's crying spells can only be stopped by Big Poppa:

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