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Terius Nash Redefines ‘Ghetto’ With New Music Video


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Boyz n the Hood, this is not: Terius Nash, a.k.a. The-Dream, has released another music video from his 1977, this time for the track "Ghetto." Contrary to the song's title, there's not much in terms of low income housing in this clip. Sure, there are brief scenes of girls jump-roping and mini-marts, but much of the video is spent in the VIP section of a ritzy club and in a beautiful penthouse apartment where a video vixen spends her time texting and admiring the Atlanta skyline. The-Dream's definition of "ghetto" is very different than that of other rappers.

Nash does juxtapose images of himself bicycling through some ATL streets with shots of him singing the song outside a strip mall... where his red Ferrari 458 is parked. Because if anything screams "ghetto," it's a $225,000 automobile, or the two Rolexes wrapped around Nash's wrist in the video. Keep in mind, this and Nash's equally incredible "Long Gone" video both come from his free "Internet LP," so there's really no reason for him make videos at all from his latest disc, except to satiate his diehard fans. Also, it serves as a reminder that 1977 is one of 2011's best under-the-radar albums. (Download now if you haven't already.)

"My Fans MADE Ghetto the Video I asked and they Answered. So this is for Yall. Love Yall. This 1977 will always hold a special bond btw US," The-Dream tweeted this afternoon. The song is a little too explicit for The Amp to post here -- especially rapper Big Sean's dirty guest verse -- so check out "Ghetto" at YouTube.

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