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Terius Nash’s ‘Long Gone’ Is the Greatest Unnecessary Video Ever


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Didn't anyone tell The-Dream that he doesn't have to make music videos for mixtapes? It's not like the singer is profiting off his free "Internet LP" 1977. Regardless, the man born Terius Nash found some cameras and an actress with a passing resemblance to his ex-wife Christina Milian and filmed a video for 1977's best track, "Long Gone."

The clip has all the makings of a music video not funded by a record label: white backdrop, minimal cast, silent movie overacting, dissolves like a film student discovering Final Cut Pro for the first time, etc. In fact, the video just seems to be a vessel for Nash to show off his Maybach (a non-mutilated one). However, the song itself is so good that you'll be glued to this thing like it's Drive, even if the Maybach stays parked the whole time.

But what inquiring minds really want to know is, "Where can I get that awesome Chicago Bulls hat Nash is wearing?" The Amp did some digging and found The-Dream's snapback here. It goes for $28, or roughly half the production cost of this video (excluding the car).

NSFW warning: This is the uncensored version of "Long Gone," so Dream drops a pair of f-bombs.

Download the rest of Terius Nash's excellent 1977 for free right here.

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