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The Beatles Officially More Popular Than Lil Wayne


Take a moment and head over to the iTunes Store. Check out the right panel and look at their list of Top Albums. Surprisingly, Lil Wayne's almost-million-selling Tha Carter IV doesn't hold the Number One slot. For the past 48 hours as of 5 p.m. EST, the Beatles' greatest hits collection 1 is reigning supreme on iTunes, outselling Weezy, Adele, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers since the compilation's digital release on Tuesday. 1 arrived on iTunes nearly 11 months after the Beatles released all of their studio albums to Apple's music service.

Even more incredible than the Fab Four beating out Wayne right now is the fact that they're doing it with a compilation featuring 28 songs that every Beatles fan already owns. Though $9.99 for all of the Beatles' #1 hits is a good deal, for zero dollars, fans could simply have created the same 28-song collection by dragging the tracks from all those Beatles albums they already own and placing them in an iTunes playlist called "1." It's that hard to believe that, 40 years after the Fab Four split, there are still enough nascent Beatles fans out there to catapult the band into the top spot in Tha Carter IV's second week on sale.

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