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The Bronx Fears Crazed Metallica Fans Will Start Heavy Metal Riots


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Apparently, these folks didn't get the memo that heavy metal fans are surprisingly well behaved: The 161st Street Business Improvement District, a non-profit organization "committed to improving" the Bronx, are worried that the upcoming Big Four concert at Yankee Stadium -- where Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, and Anthrax will all unleash their monster riffs on September 14th -- will give metalheads an excuse to riot in the borough. The 161st Street BID's concerns stem from incidents in Chile and Colombia last year where fans shut out from the sold-out Big Four concert shifted their focus to looting nearby businesses and rioting, the New York Post reports. Call us optimists, but we can't envision a similar situation here.

Let us assuage these concerns, as New Yorkers: This was a city that celebrated the New York Giants' Super Bowl victory in 2008 by ransacking a Duane Reade and littering 34th Street in toilet paper. That's the extent of our rioting. The Yankees were winning World Series on an annual basis, and other than maybe a few flipped cars, the city was extremely well-behaved. Compared to Vancouver where all hell broke loose, even when the Yankees lost championships, order was maintained. Like during "The Blackout" that left us powerless for two days. So the fear that a Big Four concert will somehow incite some long-dormant riot in the Bronx is baffling to us. It's going to be great hearing "Enter Sandman" in the new House That Ruth Built, but no one's going to be smashing storefront windows if they miss out on it.

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