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The Flaming Lips Are Trying to Kill Us


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The Amp decides to live blog the (kind of unpleasant) experience of listening to the full six-hour Flaming Lips song and the band responds by announcing the release of a 24-hour track -- we see where you're going with this, Wayne Coyne, and we are not gonna bite.

The day-long tune will arrive on Halloween on a hard drive tucked inside a human skull, admittedly a nice step up from the perishable gummy skulls the band has been using as a music-delivery system recently. Coyne is procuring five skulls for the occasion, and promises "nothing that we're doing is bizarre or illegal." He is, however, trying to gross us out by explaining how the skulls get so darn clean of brain matter, telling MTV's O Music Awards blog, "People heads come into this place and they have these flesh-eating beetles -- I would have tweeted a picture of it, but they don't allow it -- literally eat every molecule of flesh off of these things and you'll end up with a human skull."

Coyne has already sold the five skulls at approximately $5,000 each, but he hasn't actually finished the song, which thematically is about "this Flaming Lips connection with death and beauty and all that." If anyone wants to sacrifice a full day to live-blogging the 24-hour track, hit up The Amp on Twitter and maybe we can make some sort of gummy deal.

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