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The Strokes Performed On Your Mom’s Favorite Talk Show


This is an actual conversation taking place in millions of American homes this afternoon:

Mom: Hi honey. How was school?
Child: Fine.
Mom: That's good. Who are the Strokes?

Thanks to the powers of syndication, a nation of housewives were exposed to the garage rock stylings of the Strokes this afternoon when the New York rockers made their debut on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Yes, Ellen reportedly loves the Strokes, even though her record label skews much younger and poppier. Julian Casablancas and crew played "Gratisfaction" for what has to be their unlikeliest audience ever. Angles came out two months ago, so this must be the second wind of album promotion. We hope your mom enjoyed it. Be sure to point out which one dated Drew Barrymore.

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