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They Are the Resurrection: The Stone Roses Reuniting for World Tour


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It's official: The Stone Roses are reuniting after a 15-year break. Rumors that the beloved British rockers would set aside their differences and perform together again emerged last week, and contrary to the thousands of times the band had been reportedly on the brink of reforming in the past, the Roses actually confirmed the news this afternoon. They even launched a brand new website, a Twitter account, and most importantly, revealed their first two gigs since 1996. "This is a live resurrection, and you're all invited, so you better be there," Ian Brown said during the press conference.

"The legendary four-piece - Ian, John [Squire], Mani and Reni - have announced two massive shows at Manchester's Heaton Park on Friday June 29 and Saturday June 30, 2012. The dates will form part of an extensive world tour," the band said in a statement. "The band have already been into a rehearsal studio to start work on the set-list for one of the most eagerly anticipated reunifications ever."

The world tour bit is especially great news. This is probably the biggest U.K. reunion since Blur in 2009, but when that band toured again after a five-year hiatus, those concerts never reached the United States. However, Stone Roses-loving Americans like The Amp will (hopefully) get to see hear "Fools' Good" and "Elephant Stone" live for the first time. The group also hinted at the possibility of new songs, and if things go
well, even a follow-up to 1994's Second Coming

Following the initial reunion rumors, Reni wrote to the NME, "Not before 9T will I wear the hat 4 the Roses again." We have no idea what that means, but it suggested that Reni would not be involved if the group got back together. Yet, Reni's on board, even though he was the first Stone Roses member to leave the band in 1995. Still, June 29, 2012 is a long time from now, and whatever issues the band had with one another could always resurface and blow up this party. Let's hope that doesn't happen, because we want to experience this:

[Photo: Pennie Smith]

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