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‘Things Are Getting a Little Better’: Check Out This 1966 Postcard Jimi Hendrix Sent to His Dad


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Via Letters of Note

Before Jimi Hendrix became the greatest guitar player in the history of music, he was just another son trying to win his father's approval.

In this 1966 postcard dug up by Letters of Note, young James Marshall Hendrix writes to his dad Al that things are really picking up for his music career: His new band "Jimi Hendrix EXPERIENCE" is playing all throughout Europe, and their first single "Hey Joe" should be out in about two months.

In fact, the French concerts Hendrix alludes to were the first ever Experience shows; drummer Mitch Mitchell had joined the band just one week before this postcard was sent. "I think things are getting a little better," Hendrix wrote from Munich. He was right: "Hey Joe" became a Top 10 hit for Jimi in the U.K., where he was then residing, and it helped launch the career of one of music's most iconic figures.

Also, notice how consistent Hendrix's penmanship is, whether he's writing postcards or drawing up the lyrics to "Purple Haze."

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