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Third Coming: The Stone Roses Are Reuniting, Maybe


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If you asked 100 British music fans what band they'd most want to see reunite, 99 of them would probably answer "The Smiths," but one person polled would most certainly respond "The Stone Roses." Congratulations to that dude: According to Clash Music, the four original members of the Stone Roses -- singer Ian Brown, guitarist John Squire, bassist Mani, and drummer Reni -- will appear at a press conference next week to announce they'll reunite in 2012. The band last performed together at the 1996 Reading Festival, and since then they've fought off rumors of their reformation every six months or so.

The Stone Roses only recorded two albums during their time together, but their 1989 self-titled LP is regarded as one of the best British albums ever, one of the greatest debuts ever, and an indispensable influence on the Britpop era of Blur and Oasis. The NME especially has a soft spot for The Stone Roses, calling it the "Greatest British Albums Ever" (over every Beatles album), while Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, and Spin have all placed the disc on their respective Best Albums lists. It's nearly impossible to follow up a debut that good, and when Second Coming arrived five years later, despite being a decent album in its own right, it failed to make the same impact of its predecessor. Tensions in the Stone Roses grew, and they split for good in 1996. However, not a Glastonbury goes by without reunion rumors resurfacing.

Clash Music writes that the problems between the band members were finally resolved this past April, when all four Roses reconvened at the funeral of Mani's mother. The next month, the Happy Mondays' Shaun Ryder said the Stone Roses would get back together, but anyone who's seen 24 Hour Party People knows Ryder isn't a trustworthy source. (He fed rat poison to pigeons and ditched a major label meeting to go to KFC.) If the Stone Roses are in fact planning on playing "I Wanna Be Adored" together again, it'll no doubt be the biggest concert in the U.K. next year, unless the Smiths reunite too.

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