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This Is Cinema Clash: ‘London Calling’ Movie Planned


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A sort of unholy trinity of music films has found its third piece: First came word of a Freddie Mercury film and a movie about "Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2," and now there's more news about the biopic telling the story behind the recording of the Clash's legendary album "London Calling." Its super original title: "London Calling." The Amp isn't a huge fan of music biopics -- rarely, if ever, do the films elevate themselves to the greatness of their subjects -- but this Clash film does have two major positives working in its favor: The Clash's Mick Jones and Paul Simonon will serve as executive producers and advisers on the film. Their insiders' knowledge should give the film an authenticity most biopics based solely an outsider's biography lack.

"Fans of the Clash all over the world have been waiting a long time to see their extraordinary story played out properly and accurately on the big screen," said producer Allison Owen, who, fun fact, also happens to be Lily Allen's mother. Playwright Jez Butterworth will be the target of Clash fans' adoration or consternation in the role of screenwriter. No director has been announced yet, but if the Joy Division flick "Control" and John Lennon-in-his-youth film "Nowhere Boy" have set any precedent, expect a top-notch photographer with minimal directing experience to helm the film.

While "London Calling" remains one of rock's greatest treasures, by focusing merely on the recording of that record, producers are sadly bypassing other noteworthy chapters in the Clash's history, including their arrival at the onset of the U.K. punk explosion (once upon a time, the Clash, Buzzcocks and Sex Pistols all shared a bill. Now that's a movie), their plunge into Jamaican music and the band's ultimate disintegration, capped by their terrible let's-pretend-that-didn't-happen final LP "Cut the Crap" in 1985.

The film will begin shooting next year. The cast itself hasn't been announced yet, but expect a full-on protest orchestrated by us if Robert Pattinson gets the role of Joe Strummer.

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