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Thom Yorke’s Spastic Dance Was Work of Real, Live Choreographer


Thom Yorke did not improvise his amazingly spastic dance in "Lotus Flower," the Radiohead video that launched a thousand memes -- no, he was not simply doing "The Elaine" for five minutes, but performing moves designed by a real live choreographer. And... and! This choreographer thinks Yorke is "an incredible dancer."

The pro in question is Wayne McGregor, who is the resident choreographer of the Royal Ballet and directs the Wayne McGregor/Random Dance company, according to Time Out (via NME). And now we can happily imagine somebody was offstage yelling, "Jerk to the left! You're an electrocuted eel! More hips! Drunk toddler! Seizure! Seizure!" during the shoot.

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