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T.I. Violates P.D.A. Rules of Prison, General Society


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Even behind bars, poor T.I. just cannot manage to keep himself out of trouble, even when he does something, umm, touching. Last weekend, T.I.'s wife, Tameka "Tiny" Cottle, came to the Arkansas prison the rapper will call home for the remaining months of his jail sentence. What started as your run-of-the-mill visit during regular hours soon became "frisky" as, in front of guards and other inmates, and in the immortal words of TMZ, "Tiny made like Michael Jackson ... and beat it."

Guards, threatened by the prospect of seeing T.I.'s "King Uncaged" so up close and personal, immediately reprimanded the rapper and sent him to a more secure "Special Housing Unit." While this sort of behavior might be legal in movies ("Natural Born Killers" comes to mind), according to prison rules, couples are allowed to kiss and embrace are the beginning and end of their visits, but hands must be in full view of the guards at all times. Tiny most certainly broke that rule.

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