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Today at the Michael Jackson Trial: Wild Jackets and Dr. Murray Is Screwed


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Thanks to the Amanda Knox verdict, the Michael Jackson manslaughter trial was the second most interesting courtroom drama on television today. The People versus Dr. Conrad Murray, Jackson's personal physician, picked up where it left off on Friday by calling people who worked at the Los Angeles hospital where Jackson was declared dead to the stand. One of those witnesses was emergency room doctor Thao Nyugen, who spoke to Murray after Jackson died.

Nguyen offered some unintentional comic relief to what has otherwise been a riveting but depressing trial, as her flashy, chain mail-like jacket offered viewers reason enough to switch over from the Amanda Knox verdict. Look at that thing up there! It's like Lady Gaga went through a surgeon phase. Nguyen maybe raided the King of Pop's wardrobe trailer on Moonwalker 20 years ago knowing this day would finally arrive. Every celebrity trial seems to create celebrities -- the Johnny Cochrans and Judge Itos -- and Nyugen might just be the Jackson manslaughter trial's breakout star.

Nguyen spoke entirely about medical jargon and the proper use of sedatives, but her cadence -- which was both syncopated and staggered like the voice that says "Turn left" on a GPS -- was fascinatingly hypnotic. With a jacket like that, she looks like she's ready for a medieval war, and Nguyen gave the defense a real fight. Throughout her testimony, she subtly admonished Murray for using narcotics and sedatives to treat Jackson's insomnia and that happened while the defense was questioning her! Nyugen also joined the parade of doctors and paramedics who have testified that Murray withheld the fact that he gave Jackson the sedative Propofol.

In other trial news, Dr. Murray is probably screwed. That's according to Radar Online, who write that the defense's entire theory that Jackson committed suicide is about to be shredded. All along, it's been reported that Murray's team would argue that Jackson administered a lethal dose of the sedative Propofol to himself in a moment of despair when Murray was not in the room. It's a far-fetched assumption to begin with, one that the defense would be hard-pressed to prove. But just in case Murray's lawyers do plant the suicide seed in jurors' heads, the prosecution is prepared: Radar reports that Jackson's fingerprints weren't found on the vials of Propofol found at the scene of his death. Unless Jackson was wearing gloves at the time (he wasn't), this is a major blow to Murray's defense. To paraphrase Cochran, "If there's no glove to fit, you can't acquit."

Check back tomorrow as the three women Murray allegedly called when he left Jackson alone all take the stand as prosecution witnesses. Scandalous.

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