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Too Many Urkels on Your Team, That’s Why You’re Cee Lo


As much as it pains us, Cee Lo Green loves his gimmicks. Whether it's singles with profane titles, his strange Liberace obsession, his ridiculous murder-mystery music video, or his role on The Voice, Green always seems to find ways to distract everyone from his actual music. Such is the case with Green's new "Cry Baby" video, which stars Jaleel White -- the actor who played Steve Urkel on Family Matters -- in the role of Cee Lo. That's right, Cee Lo's too busy these days to even appear in his own music videos.

We've seen this video a million times since West Side Story made it cool for a city dwellers to spontaneously burst into song: That Hall & Oates scene in (500) Days of Summer, the opening sequence of The Great Muppet Caper, every episode of Glee, etc. However, none of those starred Steve Urkel. White is the main draw here, and he does a decent job pretending to be a svelter version of Cee Lo. It could be his best acting role since he played Urkel's debonair alter ego Stefan Urquelle on the fifth season of Family Matters. Much to our disappointment though, White never breaks into the Urkel Dance.

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