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Try to Figure Out What Missy Elliott Did to Katy Perry’s ‘Last Friday Night’


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Katy Perry is thisclose to tying Michael Jackson's record of five Number One hits on Billboard's Hot 100 chart and we all know how artists in 2011 boost single sales: with "remixes." This year Britney Spears ("Till the World Ends"), Rihanna ("S&M"), and even Lady Gaga ("Born This Way") have pumped out slightly different takes on their hits to bring a a little attention back to older tracks when sales began to flag.

Perry's already tried this trick once -- Kanye West hopped on "E.T." at the last second -- and since it worked so splendidly, here's her latest, a Missy Elliott revision of "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)." Sadly, Missy didn't really work it this time. She tossed on an intro, then let Perry's track run pretty much unadultered until the end, where she snipped off the sax solo. Remember when the word "remix" meant "take the component parts of a song and make a totally different track that still retains a signature of the original"? Listen and compare:

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