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Try to Play ‘Since U Been Gone’ on Google’s Les Paul Doodle


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Go on, try it! The sort of abstract 10-string guitar on Google's main search page today is an innovative tribute to musical pioneer Les Paul, who was born June 9, 1915 (he died August 12, 2009). Google built their playable doodle to bring attention to Paul's achievements, which include developing the solid-body electric guitar, improving multitrack recording, and experimenting with tape delay. In short, if you enjoy the sounds of an electric guitar and recorded music, you owe a debt to Les.

The 10-toned virtual guitar is nearly ready for some Kelly Clarkson action (the large third string from the top will get you started), but it's missing a few key notes to get the whole song together. It's possible to press the black "compose" button to record up to 30 seconds of strumming, so if anyone figures it out, please share your url! Here's some Les Paul doodle in action:

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Update: This is even cooler when Tom Morello does it:

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