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U2 Trample on National Pastime Again


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Thanks to the marvels of interleague baseball, fans get unique opportunities to see National League teams face off against American League teams. While city rivalries like Mets versus Yankees and the Cubs against the White Sox are yearly battles, the chance to see a team like the AL West's Seattle Mariners come to Miami to play the NL East's Florida Marlins is a twice-in-a-decade event. That is, however, if you schedule the series against a U2 tour. Then it's a once-in-a-decade event.

For the second straight year, U2's 360° Tour, with its massive "spaceship" stage that requires days to construct and disassemble, is wreaking havoc on the MLB season. This time around, it's forcing the Marlins/Mariners series, scheduled for June 24th to June 26th, to jump coasts from Miami to Seattle because of U2's scheduled June 29th concert at Sun Life Stadium. U2's concert comes three days after the series was scheduled to conclude, but because of the amount of time that's needed to build their stage, playing the games in south Florida was not an option, Big League Stew writes.

While the move deprives that small clan of Seattle faithful in Florida a chance at seeing their team, Mariners fans back in Seattle are probably thanking Bono right now since the relocation means they'll get 84 home games this year instead of the usual 81. (And as Mets fans, we're applauding that the Marlins only get 78 home games this year. Not like it makes a difference, the Phillies have that division locked anyway.)

Last season, the Los Angeles Angels were the victims of U2's 360° Tour scheduling, and a June 3rd gig at Angel Stadium forced the team to take a 14-game road trip to facilitate U2's stage needs. The irony in all that was U2 ended up postponing the 2010 leg of their tour and rescheduling it for this summer so Bono could recover from back surgery. This season, the Angels will be in the midst of a 12-game road trip -- including a rare stop at the New York Mets' Citi Field -- when U2 finally arrive at Angel Stadium on June 17th.

[Photo of Bono trampling: Matt Jelonek/]

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