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U2′s Spider-Man Will Play Jeff Buckley In Biopic Not Starring ‘Gossip Girl’ Guy


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Actor Reeve Carney, the U2 musical's Spider-Man, will jump from Broadway to the big screen when he portrays Jeff Buckley in an upcoming biopic. Wait, wasn't Gossip Girl's Penn Badgley just cast as Buckley in a biopic, like last month? Why yes, he was. But that was a different film. This movie, currently operating under the name Untitled Jeff Buckley Film, is the biopic that is actually being made with permission and assistance by Buckley's mother Mary Guibert, who serves as an executive producer. Jake Scott, a noted music video director who also happens to be the son of Ridley Scott, will helm the picture, reports.

"We are over the moon that Reeve has agreed to take on this challenging role. I've seen him perform several times... he's been getting ready for this all his life. It certainly doesn't hurt that he looks so much like Jeff," Guibert said. She has a point: Carney does at least look more like Buckley than Badgley or Robert Pattinson, who was considered a contender. We still think James Franco looks like the perfect hybrid of Jeff and his father Tim Buckley, but a rocker role probably isn't pretentious enough for Franco at this point in his career. Or maybe he's waiting for a Tim Buckley movie.

Hollywood has a habit of scheduling competing biopics, whether it's about Truman Capote (Capote, Infamous) or runner Steve Prefontaine (Without Limits, Prefontaine). Usually the superior film is dictated by which actor in the starring role delivers the more powerful performance, but Carney's Buckley biopic has one huge advantage over Badgley's from the start: exclusive rights to use Buckley's music. (Greetings From Tim Buckley will feature Badgley performing Tim Buckley songs.) This "official" biopic also has access to Buckley's personal journals, the keys to the Jeff Buckley Estate's archives, and an option on David Browne's book Dream Brother: The Lives and Music of Jeff and Tim Buckley to add to its cachet.

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