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Videotheque: The Rise and Rise of the New Pornographers


Every now and then, a band makes a video that so accurately skewers the ludicrousness of being in a band that we all must pause our own so-called "jobs" for the more important task of watching it again and again. Today, the New Pornographers have brought us such a video.

The Tom Scharpling-directed "Moves" recounts the New Pornographers' rise and rise (their words) in a biopic trailer, as if they were a cocaine-devouring, champagne-swilling, Grammy-sweeping major-label band and not the demure group of well-behaved Canadians they are in real life. The New Pornos don't appear in "Moves" themselves -- they're portrayed by some of today's most hilarious comedians -- and a few casting choices are just brilliant. Kevin Corrigan is an inspired Dan Bejar, Ted Leo is stellar as Kathryn Calder, and Jon Wurster does things we could never imagine Carl Newman doing. Bravo.

Aside from one historical inaccuracy (Calder didn't join the band until way later, but who would want to have fewer shots of Leo in a wig?), we had a great time tracking the clip by the numbers:

Number of bandmembers Wilson seeks: seven, including "another guitarist?"
Number Seven on the first Billboard chart: "White People Ain't S--- by Superchunk
Number Five on the second Billboard chart: "Fishtown Stomp" by Kurt Vile
Number of albums the New Pornographers have to sell or else their mean record label guy will kill them: 3 million
Number of "Daily Show" correspondents: three
Number of "Community" cast members: three
Clip's exact length: four minutes, 20 seconds -- coincidence? We think not
Number of shots of fake Dan Bejar sticking a gun in the mouth of a drummer whose face is painted like David Bowie on the cover of "Aladdin Sane": one, it's amazing, and at the 2:53 mark

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