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‘Voice’ Judges Remind Us They Can Sing With Ouchy Queen Medley


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Is there a single artist whose music would sound great performed by a lite-rock vocalist, a soul god, a country crooner, and a pop diva? No need to answer that, because NBC's newest reality-singing competition The Voice has: Queen. We didn't say it was the right answer.

The series' first "live" show (which opened with an onscreen note indicating portions had been pre-recorded, natch) kicked off with the all-star panel of judges' second reminder that they usually make their money singing: a medley of Freddie Mercury tracks that started with Adam Levine warbling "Bohemian Rhapsody." Cee Lo Green and Blake Shelton shouted "We Will Rock You" while Levine played real guitar and Shelton played air guitar. And then Christina Aguilera doodled all over "We Are the Champions." If this was rehearsed once before air, meh! If this was practiced twice or more pre-showtime, oof.

What might have worked better? Beatles songs? Rolling Stones songs? Someone else British who recorded during the 1970s? Seriously, just tell us, because this didn't sound so fantastic. Also: bland host Carson Daly seems to know something about pronouncing Christina's last name that the rest of us don't.

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