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Want to Rob Lil Wayne? Try Suing Him, Everyone Else Is


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'Tis the season for suing Weezy: For the third time in as many months, Lil Wayne is being dragged to court. Most of these lawsuits allege Wayne has withheld royalties from producers, but this latest one claims the rapper used beats without compensation. Georgia-based company Done Deal Enterprises argue that Wayne and his Young Money labelmates stole a beat for their hit "BedRock." Done Deal is aiming high with their lawsuit, asking for $15 million from Universal Music Group, Cash Money Records, and Young Money Entertainment for the supposed copyright infringement, according to Reuters.

Hip-hop music is like the Wild West when it comes to illegal sampling and beat stealing, but in this case we're siding with Young Money. For starters, Done Deal Enterprises doesn't even have its own website; there is an equally shady Done Deal Enterprises that proclaims "Wiii buy houses," but that doesn't appear to be connected to the Georgia entertainment company. The only evidence that Done Deal exists at all is a seldom-visited MySpace page that hosts six songs the company supposedly produced, none of which are "BedRock." Unless Done Deal has some convincing tale about how Wayne and "BedRock" producer Kane Beatz came into possession of this so-called infringed track, this is probably just the legal equivalent of robbing someone at gunpoint, minus the gun.

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