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Waste Your Entire Halloween With a 24-Hour Flaming Lips Song


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Need a terrifying way to spend Halloween? Instead of going to a corn maze or trick-or-treating while dressed as Nicki Minaj, sit down in front of the computer and listen to a new Flaming Lips song called "7 Skies H3." Not exactly Stephen King stuff, but there's a catch: The track is 24 hours long. Starting at midnight on October 31st, Oklahoma City time, Wayne Coyne will stream the band's newest aural Frankenstein. The song was originally packaged in one of those gummy skulls that the Lips have used to distribute tunes lately, but listen to "7 Skies H3"on the new website The site's Bookmarks icon is also a marijuana leaf, so that's a little clue on how this frightening track should be experienced.

The Amp fearlessly live-blogged the Lips' six-hour song "I Found a Star on the Ground," and that assignment was like mountain climbing while someone jackhammered our skull. It almost permanently ruined The Soft Bulletin for us. To take that long, long experience and multiply by four sounds scarier than Don't Look Now or Sleepaway Camp or whatever horror movie we'll be watching on Halloween instead of listening to this Flaming Lips track.

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