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Watch the 10 Short Films From Bon Iver’s Deluxe ‘Bon Iver’


There is probably a small contingent of music fans out there who felt that Bon Iver's 'Bon Iver' would be the best album of the year if only it came with short films about snowy, desolate highways and time-lapse plant life footage. Luckily, the deluxe version of the Wisconsin group's arrives on iTunes today, and it brings ten atmospheric music videos to accompany each of the 'Bon Iver' tracks. There's nothing as epic as the "November Rain" video here; it's just simple, soothing images by directors Isaac Gale and David Jensen, like an awesome iTunes Visualizer made expressly for the album.

The band doesn't appear in the clips, but the films do seem to capture Bon Iver's adventures while recording and touring. The video for opening song "Perth," for instance, was taped in the skies over western Minnesota, while the experimental film for the short instrumental "Lisbon, OH" was recorded in Fall Creek, Wisconsin, where 'Bon Iver' was recorded. The films on the deluxe 'Bon Iver' may not be geographically accurate with the location-minded song titles, but they still complement the LP beautifully.

Check out all 10 short films at Bon Iver's YouTube page.


"Hinnom, TX"

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