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Watch a Clip From Conrad Murray’s Documentary ‘Michael Jackson and the Doctor’


The Dr. Conrad Murray documentary Michael Jackson and the Doctor will air this Friday night on MSNBC, despite the harshly worded pleas of the Jackson estate. And like the physician's defense, Murray is sticking with the "Michael killed himself" theory. "Something happened when I was not in that room," Murray said in a pre-verdict interview with Today, once again implying that Jackson administered the fatal dose of the Propofol to himself when Murray left the room to call his many girlfriends.

Murray paints Jackson's 100 Carolwood Drive mansion as an opium den, saying Jackson had a filthy, mildew-smelling private bedroom where he received his injections of sedatives. (That detail should knock a few thousand dollars off the asking price for Jackson's deathbed.) In the documentary, Murray also reveals that the King of Pop's last words were Jackson begging for his "milk," or his pet name for the cloudy-white Propofol.

So why did Murray talk to Today and a documentary crew, but not take the stand at his own involuntary manslaughter trial with a four-year prison sentence on the line? It's simple: You don't get charged with perjury for talking to NBC, but lying in the courtroom would have tacked on a few years to his already-short sentence. And Murray quotes like "Nothing I gave Michael should have ended his life" are not exactly the truth, as the jury's guilty verdict proved.

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