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Watch Erykah Badu Sing With My Morning Jacket


My Morning Jacket, like Phish and the Grateful Dead, are superior in concert than in the studio. They might not be as outright jammy as those other acts -- though the new album's first single was as long as a second set Phish track -- but their music has always lost something in translation from the stage to the album. (Besides Z. Z is great.) MMJ may agree, because they promoted Circuital with a Todd Haynes-filmed live set for Unstaged, American Express and Vevo's ongoing concert series that pairs artists with noteworthy filmmakers.

The show was broadcast live last night from Louisville, but Vevo has a couple of tracks posted, like the band's new Buddy Holly-esque ballad "Slow Slow Tune." But the highlight arrived during Z's "Wordless Chorus," when Erykah Badu duetted with Jim James on the aforementioned wordless chorus, plus a few verses. Badu performed four tracks with MMJ in total and was predictably incredible, but unless you caught the concert live, "Wordless Chorus" is all you get.

"Slow Slow Tune"


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