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Watch Maroon 5′s Very Literal ‘Moves Like Jagger’ Video


Maroon 5's Adam Levine teamed up with his really-obviously-fake adversary on The Voice, Christina Aguilera, for a groovy summer dance-pop song called "Moves Like Jagger" that is all about Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger's signature steps. The song's long-awaited video (which premiered on E!) delivers literally that -- a bunch of Mick-a-likes swiveling their hips and chicken-strutting around a soundstage while Levine sings shirtless.

Director Jonas Åkerlund doesn't have a whole lot to work with here -- the budget seems to have been spent on U.K. flags, touch-ups on Levine's tattoos, and the giant floppy hat Christina Aguilera wears when she arrives at the 3:12 mark to sing her verse. The saving grace: archival footage of Jagger, who, contrary to initial reports, doesn't make a cameo. It's the second time in recent months Åkerlund has been asked to work with old tape (he was also charged with incorporating shots of "old Britney" into Spears' "Hold It Against Me" clip). But at least this time we get to see beautiful, young, pouty Mick muse, "I think we're sort of pretty well set up for at least another year" 24 months into the Stones' now-six-decade-old career.

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