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Watch the Best Music Video of 2011: Is Tropical’s ‘The Greeks’


Warning: The above video is very violent, in a Roger Rabbit kind of way. This masterpiece comes courtesy of the band Is Tropical, who hired France's "legendary video interlopers" Megaforce to craft a music video for their single "The Greeks." All those parental watchdogs complaining about the murder in Rihanna's "Man Down" picked the wrong video to criticize -- "The Greeks" is a brilliant exercise in what A Clockwork Orange refers to as "ultra-violence."

Little French kids dressed up as action film villains go around with Super Soakers and brutally execute each other in ways that border on gory, excessive, and somewhat nostalgic. For instance, who knew drug trafficking could be depicted so adorably? The kids look like they had so much fun filming this thing; it's like the greatest game of "Cops and Robbers" ever, or the final scene of Scarface starring adolescents. We don't want to sound like we have bloodlust, but the funniest moment comes at the 2:00 mark, when one kid shoots a pink stuffed animal in the head for no reason. Or maybe the death at the 2:57 spot is the highlight, or the 3:05 mark...

If "The Greeks" doesn't win the MTV O Award for Most Innovative Music Video, the voting process is corrupt. Keep in mind when watching this that it's all actually cartoon violence. No children were harmed in the making of this video.

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