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Watch the Black Keys’ Mesmerizing ‘Lonely Boy’ Video, And Then Watch It Again


The best thing about a new Black Keys song? It's usually accompanied by a new Black Keys video. From the Machete-inspired faux-trailer for "Howlin' for You" to the violent playground love triangle in "Tighten' Up," the Ohio duo are almost single-handedly carrying on the tradition of awesome rock videos. That legacy continues with "Lonely Boy," the first single from the band's Saul Goodman-approved new disc El Camino. It's the simplest of premises -- one person, one camera, one shot, one take - but we can't help but be mesmerized by this dude's dance moves as he mimes the lyrics of the Black Keys' catchy new track. Call it "The Devolution of Dance."

With its strange setting -- is that a bail bondsman's office? -- and its improbable star, "Lonely Boy" is like a deleted scene from a Harmony Korine film, and probably the best dance video (non-pop star division) since Christopher Walken turned a luxury hotel into his own private ballroom:

Here are two more from the Black Keys' highlight reel:

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