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Watch Wu-Tang Clan’s ‘Too Ill for TV’ Super Game Boy Commercial


Back in 1993, right around the time the Wu-Tang Clan dropped their debut classic Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), the RZA and Ol' Dirty Bastard were recruited to add their distinct vocal talents to a Prince Paul beat for a street-wise commercial promoting Nintendo's latest product, Super Game Boy. The commercial never aired -- maybe Nintendo execs actually heard 36 Chambers at that point -- and was lost for nearly two decades until it appeared magically recently on Vimeo. According to Wen, a member of the COD graffiti crew shown in the commercial and the one who unearthed this gem (via IFC), the ad never made airwaves because it "was banned from networks for being too ill," depriving it the perfect opportunity of airing during Liquid Television breaks on MTV.

As anyone who graduated high school prior to Y2K will remember, Super Game Boy wasn't the iPad 2 to Game Boy's iPad -- that'd be Game Boy Color -- but an open-mouthed cartridge that allowed kids to play color-tinted Game Boy games on their Super Nintendo system. (It was on this canvass that we finally beat The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening after months of dead batteries and squinting at the olive green Game Boy screen.) There's so much nostalgia packed into this commercial, it's like a moving version of this incredible Will Smith Fresh Prince-era photo.

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