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Weezer Slowly Becoming a Professional Cover Band


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Over the past few years, Rivers Cuomo has covered Lady Gaga, MGMT, Talk Talk, Coldplay, the State Farm auto insurance jingle, most recently Radiohead, and a bunch of songs by this good band we used to like called Weezer. Now, it's the Cars' turn to get Weezerized. Cuomo and gang were hired by Pixar to contribute a song to the soundtrack of Cars 2, and instead of going the obvious route and just redoing Gary Numan's "Cars," the band took a similarly obvious route and covered the Cars' hit "You Might Think." Listen:

Like Weezer's cover of "Paranoid Android," the band does an excellent job of carbon copying, pumping out a rendition that sounds exactly like the original only not as good. Cuomo's voice is more capable of handling Ric Ocasek's vocals than Thom Yorke's, however. Weezer and Ocasek actually have a long history together -- the Cars singer produced two of the three great Weezer albums, lovingly called the Blue Album and the Green Album -- so Rivers paying homage to the reunited rockers isn't as out of left field as covering Radiohead for no reason whatsoever. But did they really have to anchor it to a cartoon? First Weezer covers the Monkees' "I'm a Believer" for some Shrek sequel, now this.

Watch the Cars' legendary "You Might Think" video, featuring the best special effects this side of The Lawnmower Man:

[Photoshopping: Corey Oliver]

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