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Weezer’s Best Song in Years Is a State Farm Commercial


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It's been approximately 26 minutes since we last heard any new music from Weezer -- give or take three months or so -- but the prolific Rivers Cuomo is back yet again with possibly one of the best Weezer songs in years, one that blows away anything that was on their recent LP "Hurley" and rarities collection "Death to False Metal." Unfortunately, the song is a Weezerfied version of the State Farm insurance jingle "Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there." If it weren't for that blatant slogan tacked onto the chorus, this would sound like one of those unearthed, Weezer-in-their-prime tracks on the recent "Pinkerton" reissue. Making "Like a Good Neighbor" even more improbable is the revelation that Weezer covered the original rendition of the song, penned by a young Barry Manilow, to come up with their alt-rock version. So the best Weezer song in a long time was actually written by Barry Manilow.

Weezer technically "sold out" a long time -- from the Weezer-themed Snuggie to, most recently, a merchandising deal between "Hurley," the album, and Hurley, the clothing brand -- but this marks the first time Cuomo's many cash grabs have resulted in a piece of music we actually enjoy. The whole scenario is similar to Chris Brown's "Forever," a hit in its own right that was later revealed to be a marketing ploy for Doublemint Gum.

Rock out to Weezer's "State Farm" track:

[Image of "Red Album" Weezer and the State Farm Guy: Corey Oliver]

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