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Which Big Stars Are Performing on Tonight’s ‘American Idol’ Finale?


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Tonight, the 10th season of American Idol wraps with what is shaping up to be a really old-skewing finale. Who's taking the stage alongside the people whose names you will likely forget by the time The X Factor premieres in the fall? We sorted the confirmations from the rumors from the Hell Nos:

Definitely (confirmed by the show):
• U2's Bono and the Edge: Pimping their beleaguered Spider-Man musical with its star, Reeve Carney.
• Lady Gaga: Performing "The Edge of Glory" (and lord knows what else) with her favorite sax man, the E Street Band's Clarence Clemons.
• Jack Black: Snarling along with this season's bearded snarler Casey Abrams.

Maybe (sources tell the Hollywood Reporter's Idol expert):
• Beyoncé: Taking the stage with the Top 13 girls (because she digs girl power, remember?). Or, if there is a God, teaming up with Lady Gaga to do "Telephone."
• Tom Jones: Supposedly performing with the Top 13 guys (because... there's no good reason).
• Judas Priest: Backing self-proclaimed metalhead James Durbin.
• Tony Bennett: Allegedly duetting with Haley Reinhart.
• Tim McGraw: Allegedly duetting with Scotty McCreery.
• Carrie Underwood: Allegedly duetting with Lauren Alaina.
• Jennifer Lopez: Possibly performing another single from her new album Love? That's not a question, her album title ends in a question mark.
• Steven Tyler: Hopefully (seriously, we are willing this to fruition) singing his nutballs awful solo single with the amazingly terrible cover "(It) Feels So Good."
• TLC: We have no idea.
• Gladys Knight: Ditto.

Ha, No
• Aerosmith: Not performing anything because there is nothing new ready to perform, Joe Perry says.

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