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Who Are Britney Spears’ Tourmates Not Named Nicki Minaj?


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Today brought word that the skilled surgeons in Britney Spears' crisis lab managed to stitch the Femme Fatale tour back together again. After Enrique Iglesias ditched the trek mere hours after it was announced in what we can only presume was a very sexy panic attack, Nicki Minaj emerged as the most likely replacement, and Spears confirmed Minaj's gig today via flirty tweet -- her new preferred means of communication.

But Minaj isn't the only new addition to the 26-date tour. As Spears said in an only slightly less flirty statement, "I'm thrilled to have the hot Nicki Minaj join me and Jessie and the Toy Boys and Nervo will get everyone on the dance floor. Can't wait to take the Femme Fatales on the road."

So who are Jessie and the Toy Boys and Nervo? We'll tell you!

Jessie Malakouti is an California-born singer/songwriter who fronted a band called Shut Up Stella, headed off to the U.K. looking for a new musical direction, and returned an electro-pop artist with Eminem-approved rapper Yelawolf on her first new single, "Push It." In the video for "Push It," which sounds like a bratty Ke$ha-style synthathon, Jessie dances in a laundromat wearing a leopard bustier. We think she'll fit in alongside Nicki and Britney just fine.

Nervo are a pair of Australian models-turned-musicians with serious songwriting cred -- they're partially responsible for David Guetta and Kelly Rowland's "When Love Takes Over" and have also handed tracks to Kylie Minogue and Ke$ha. Their single "This Kind of Love" is super clubby and doesn't feature the Nervo twins Liv and Mim on vocals (that voice belongs to Ollie James). The pair now live in London and New York and DJ bigtime dance parties at their live shows.

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