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Who Wore It Best: Rappers or Magicians?


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It's unlikely anyone would confuse Eminem for Criss Angel or David Copperfield for Gucci Mane, but rappers do have a habit of resembling magicians. Not because they're pulling rabbits out of their Kangol hats, but thanks to the way they pose on their album covers -- surly, in elaborate outfits, looking like they've just pulled off an impossible feat. We know this sounds crazy, but thankfully there's a new Tumblr called Rappers Looking Like Magicians that helps prove our point (via the Daily Swarm).

Look at any image of Busta Rhymes or Nate Dogg, and they come across like a colorful magician you'd see at a children's birthday party. A lot of times, rappers simply ape the hand gestures or ridiculous post-trick poses often associated with magicians. We can only hope this Tumblr catches on with the hip-hop community and entices more artists to wear magical clothes.

An additional thanks to Rappers Looking Like Magicians for reminding us about this hilarious episode from The IT Crowd:

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