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Why Did Beyonce Uninvite Andre 3000 From Her ‘Party’ Video?


Another week, another new Beyoncé video. She's been so rapid fire about releasing these music videos that, by the time you've finally digested one, another new clip is already being loaded onto Vevo. This time, it's for one of the best 4 tracks, "Party." This, like every Knowles video, finds the singer smiling and showcasing her flexibility while wearing provocative clothing. All her videos are essentially extravagant fashion magazine spreads, and this one could be called "Magiela and the Mobile Home," or "Bugattis in the Trailer Park." Also, Kelly Rowland stops by the party, so this is the closest we'll come to a Destiny's Child reunion for the foreseeable future. However, the visuals just distract from a bigger problem with the video.

There won't be any dance move controversy following "Party," but that's not to say the video doesn't have a major flaw. Namely, the disappearance of Andre 3000's excellent verse from the album version of "Party." For the video, Three Stacks was replaced with up-and-comer J. Cole, a rapper who lacks the style, skills, and creativity of the OutKast legend. The original Kanye-penned "Party" was among The Amp's favorite tracks of 2011, but this remix is a significantly watered-down version. (At press time, "Andre 3000" is trending on Twitter. Sample tweets: "Beyonce should've left Andre 3000 on Party instead of putting J.Cole on.. that was so disrespectful" and "J. Cole's verse on "Party" is not so bad, but of course Andre 3000's>>>>>>.") Here's the 3K version:


There are a few possible reasons why Beyoncé cut Andre 3000 -- who name-checked the "Party" girl on The Love Below's "Hey Ya" and "She's Lives in My Lap" -- and replaced him with Cole. The first theory is that Andre's verse was simply too long. The "Party" video clocks in at 3:41, slightly shorter than the 4:06 runtime for 4's "Party." The length of Andre's verse on the album version: 50 seconds. J. Cole's appearance in the video: 24 seconds, and a third of that is spent quoting Slick Rick's "La Di Da Di." (The recent "Love on Top" video was also severely edited down.)

Second hypothesis: Beyoncé couldn't get label permission to use 3000 in the video/single. Similar problems arose when Andre's OutKast partner Big Boi tried recruiting him for his solo album, and it's the reason why 3000 appears uncredited on Lil Wayne's Tha Carter IV despite delivering the best verse on the entire album. Or, maybe Andre just didn't want to be in the music video. (3000 also didn't show up for Lloyd's "Dedication to My Ex" video; he was replaced by a rapping cat.)

But the most probable reason why J. Cole was invited to "Party": Nepotism. Cole was the first rapper inked to Jay-Z's Roc Nation, so why shouldn't Beyoncé help spotlight one of her husband's Roc talents? "Party" suffers from losing 3000, but the exposure for J. Cole was probably worth it for the World's Highest-Paid Celebrity Couple.

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