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Your 2011 MTV VMAs Nominees Are… Mostly Katy Perry and Kanye West


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MTV is going H.A.M. for Katy Perry. The network gave the pop star nine nominations for this year's Video Music Awards, which will air live from Los Angeles' Nokia Theater on August 28th. Adele racked up seven nods, Kanye West got six (plus an additional five with Perry on "E.T." for a grand total of 11), Bruno Mars scored four, and Eminem, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, and Nicki Minaj all earned three (see the full list here). West's name technically appears on the ballot the most times but MTV is playing up the Perry angle, perhaps fearful the words "VMAs" and "Kanye West" still conjure memories of Beyoncé mouthing "Oh no, Kanye!" in 2009.

Britney Spears picked up two nominations, which is eyebrow-raising considering how strenuously MTV pursued Spears for the VMAs the past two years, when she really had no work out at all -- now that she has one awesome video ("I Wanna Go"), one solid video ("Till the World Ends"), and one awful video ("Hold It Against Me") they're looking in another direction? Scandalous. Also surprising: Lady Gaga's measly three nominations. Gaga has given MTV nearly all of the network's water-cooler moments the past two VMAs by hanging from the ceiling covered in blood, walking in on the arm of Kermit the Frog, and wearing meat.

But MTV has spoken: This year they're putting all their eggs in Perry's candy-colored basket. Her noms are spread out over three videos -- "Firework," "E.T.," and "Teenage Dream" -- while Adele's are all for "Rolling in the Deep." Both stars are nominated for Video of the Year, along with Bruno Mars ("Grenade"), the Beastie Boys ("Make Some Noise"), and, most unfortunately, Tyler, the Creator ("Yonkers").

MTV has been desperately chasing the Odd Future crew since the Woodie Awards, trying to glean a little cool-by-association by pretending to be down with a bunch of outspoken young rappers whose lyrics are far too explicit to ever air on MTV or any of its associated websites. Chances are Tyler has no chance in hell of winning Video of the Year for munching on (and puking up) a cockroach, but the network is sending the wrong message by attempting to align itself with an MC responsible for so much homophobic drivel. The ultimate irony? "Yonkers" is up against "Firework," a song Perry has described as a gay pride anthem. Kanye must be seriously hoping Tyler shows up and does something idiotic on August 28th.

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