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Have Yourself a Very Gaga Thanksgiving


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Born This Way: The Collection

Looking for an alternative to Nickelback this Thanksgiving? Lady Gaga will be the subject of her own 90-minute special this November 24th when A Very Gaga Thanksgiving airs on ABC. The Fame Monster will perform eight tracks during the special -- including a "The Lady Is a Tramp" duet with Tony Bennett and a rendition of "White Christmas -- as well as prepare a turkey feast with Oprah's former personal chef Art Smith. The singer will also return to Manhattan's Sacred Heart Catholic School, where Stefani Germanotta actually attended classes in her youth, for a Q&A with Katie Couric.

Why is the polarizing Gaga celebrating Thanksgiving on national television, since conforming to the masses has never been her style? As The Amp has pointed out, the sales surge that comes from the shopping holiday Black Friday is like Christmas for the struggling music industry. Most weeks during the year, an album will be lucky to sell 100,000 in a seven-day span, but during those precious pre-Christmas weeks, hitting six digits sales is routine. Although it's hard to imagine that any Little Monster who wanted Born This Way hasn't already picked it up, Gaga is releasing a deluxe extended version of her album with a bonus DVD and remix collection on November 21st.

BTW has already sold roughly eight million copies worldwide, but it has underperformed stateside compared to Adele's 21, which arrived with less fanfare than Gaga's disc. Getting a few hundred thousand Born This Ways put into stocking this Christmas should help close that gap.

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