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  • Anatomy of a Rumor: Lance Bass Addresses 'N Sync Reunion on Radio Show

    Jeremy Blacklow at Stop The Presses!7 mths ago

    It's the rumor that sent the Internet into a tailspin this week: Will 'N Sync be reuniting for a performance at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards?

    Unfortunately, the world still doesn't know if it's true or not. So, how did it get started?

    Well, it all began with an item on Tuesday in the New York Post's Page Six. "Justin Timberlake and his former 'N Sync band members are set to reunite for a special performance on the VMAs Sunday night at the Barclays Center," the gossip site wrote. "But we're told former bandmates J.C. Chasez, Lance Bass, Joey Fatone and Chris Kirkpatrick are scheduled to join him onstage for a reunion performance."

    The site pointed out that the band was all together in Miami last Friday to catch former band member Justin Timberlake's concert with Jay Z.

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  • New Kids on the Block’s Jonathan Knight Walks Off Stage During NYC Show

    Jeremy Blacklow at Stop The Presses!1 yr ago

    There's no doubt that he's got "The Right Stuff," but band member Jonathan Knight seemed a bit nervous during last night's New Kids on the Block concert in New York City.

    The show, an iHeartRadio event that live-streamed on Yahoo! Music, was a huge promotional stop for the band, which had just released its new album, "10," on Tuesday. But halfway through the performance, Knight walked offstage and didn't return, despite encouragement from his band mates and a ton of support from the crowd (consisting mostly of middle-aged women).

    You can see Knight starting to get a bit anxious at the 26-minute mark in this YouTube video. "Jordan, pull your brother in," Danny Wood says at 26:20. At 26:47, Knight laughs when he's about to sing a line from the band's new ballad, "Survive You." "He gets very emotional," Joey McIntyre says next. At 27:30, Knight seems to be so embarrassed that he leaves the stage after not being able to begin his verse.

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