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  • NYC mayor fends off angry kids over snow day

    Yahoo News2 mths ago

    Mayor Bill de Blasio has been on the job for only six weeks, but he has already thoroughly alienated one constituency.

    Luckily for him, they’re not old enough to vote.

    “GO AWAY NO ONE LIKES YOU” and “are u stupid?” were just a few of the angry Twitter messages blasted at the New York City public schools’ official account by the city’s school kids, after de Blasio announced late Wednesday night that schools would not shutter in the face of 14 inches of projected snowfall.

    On Facebook, New York kids and others joined a newly created “Impeach DeBlasio” page, whose description is “RIP Snow days.” The page features images of cars completely covered in snow overlaid with de Blasio’s advice to travel safely.

    Die “@NYCSchools: Chancellor Fariña announces schools are open tomorrow, all field trips cancelled

    Parents are sensing a new-found interest in the city’s politics among their young, who have been granted only one snow day by de Blasio despite braving six major snowstorms this year.

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