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  • Ray J Seemingly Featuring Kim Kardashian Lookalike in “I Hit it First” Video

    Soren Baker at Stop The Presses!1 yr ago

    Ray J has waffled about whether or not his "I Hit It First" single is about former girlfriend Kim Kardashian.

    But images don t lie.

    Behind-the-scenes footage for the song's upcoming video features a pixelated image of what appears to be a Kim Kardashian lookalike on the set.

    Ray J appears to be making the most of the pair's famous relationship, which included the release of a sex tape, in order to promote his new material.

    In fact, Ray J also modeled the cover for the "I Hit It Single" off of a photograph of Kardashian on the beach.

    The obscured image also resembles certain versions of the album cover of Kanye West's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy album.

    Kardashian is now pregnant with the child of West, her boyfriend.

    "I Hit It First" has generated a steady stream of publicity since its recent release.

    TMZ, Wendy Williams and Los Angeles radio station Power 106 DJs Big Boy and Felli Fel are among those who have discussed the song, which includes the lyrics, "She might move on to rappers and ball players, but we all know I hit it first."

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  • Pitbull Makes Pro-Cuba Song, Defends Jay-Z Over Track For Jay-Z’s “Open Letter”

    Soren Baker at Stop The Presses!1 yr ago

    Pitbull is famous for his party tracks.

    Now the Miami rapper is flexing his political commentary skills on "Open Letter Freestyle," his version of Jay-Z's "Open Letter."

    Pitbull raps about his love for Cuba (he is of Cuban ancestry) and his hope that Cuba will be free one day, as well as Jay-Z and wife Beyoncé's recent trip to the island country.

    Jay-Z's "Open Letter" was inspired, at least in part, by conservative lawmakers' uproar regarding his recent trip there.

    Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) is among those who have blasted Jay-Z for the trip, saying that Jay-Z should have met with oppressed people while in Cuba.

    Pitbull questions politicians attacking Jay-Z on "Open Letter Freestyle."

    "Question of the night: Would they have messed with Mr. Carter if he was white?" Pitbull raps.

    Jay-Z's given name is Shawn Carter.

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  • Drake Tells Media: Stop Preying on Chris Brown’s Insecurities

    Soren Baker at Stop The Presses!1 yr ago

    Though their battle over Rihanna appears to be over, Drake and Chris Brown continue attacking one another in the press.

    Drake appeared on East Village Radio's "Keep It Thoro" show April 12 and told host Elliott Wilson that the media should stop preying on Chris Brown’s insecurities.

    "His insecurities are the fact that I make better music than him, that I’m more popping than him, and that at one point in life the woman that he loves fell into my lap," Drake said Friday. "I did what a real [brother] would do and treated her with respect, so she's not up there talking down on me. All those things combined create an individual that comes up to your radio station and is going to do dumb [stuff]."

    Drake and Brown both dated Rihanna, though Brown has been Rihanna's long-time, on-again, off-again boyfriend.

    Drake, Brown and their respective entourages got into an altercation at a New York club in June 2012 after Drake – who was dating Rihanna at the time – allegedly taunted Brown about his being with Rihanna.

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