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"Party Rock Anthem"  by LMFAO featuring Lauren Bennett & GoonRock has been the #1 song in the country for the past four weeks. It will probably log a fifth week on top when Billboard's Hot 100 is released on Wednesday. LMFAO took its name from a popular computer message, which stands for (and I'll have to use asterisks here) "Laughing My F***ing A** Off."

This is hardly the first time that an act with initials in its name has topped the Hot 100. There have been many such cases over the years. You probably remember most of their songs, but do you still know what the initials stand for? Most of you will get AWB, R*S*F and SWV, but then it gets harder. Much harder.  Will anybody out there remember what the "G&B" in Santana featuring the Product G&B stands for?

I show the answers below, but first see how many you remember. You may surprise yourself.

(If you read my Chart Watch blogs for albums and songs which hit the site every Wednesday, you know that I often run quick, one-question Pop Quizzes. Think of this as my biggest Pop Quiz ever.)

The list is in chronological order by the date of the act's first #1 hit. (The numbering is just to help you find the right answer in the answer key.)


1. B.J. Thomas, "Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head." This Oscar-winning smash from Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid logged four weeks at #1 in January 1970. It was the first of two #1 hits for Thomas. What does B.J. stand for?

2. The Bee Gees, "How Can You Mend A Broken Heart." This poignant ballad was #1 for four weeks in August 1971. It was the first of nine #1 hits for the pop trio. The act was known as B.G.'s before they decided to spell out the initials. What do the initials stand for?

3. MFSB, "TSOP (The Sound Of Philadelphia)." The funky Soul Train theme was #1 for two weeks in April 1974. What does MFSB stand for?

4. AWB, "Pick Up The Pieces." The Scottish group took this instrumental to #1 for one week in February 1975. What does AWB stand for?

5. ABBA, "Dancing Queen." This exuberant pop smash hit #1 in April 1977. It was the Swedish quartet's only #1 hit. What do the initials in Abba stand for?

6. USA for Africa, "We Are The World." The all-star charity recording spent four weeks at #1 in April and May 1985. It won Grammys for Record and Song of the Year. What does USA stand for?

7. UB40, "Red Red Wine." This reggae-style remake of an old Neil Diamond hit was #1 for one week in October 1988. It was the first of two #1 hits for the English group. What does UB40 stand for?

8. Stevie B., "Because I Love You (The Postman Song)." This smash was #1 for four weeks in December 1990. What does the "B" stand for?

9. C&C Music Factory featuring Freedom Williams, "Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)." This funky record logged two weeks at #1 in February 1991. What does C&C stand for?

10. Timmy T, "One More Try." This hit was #1 for one week in March 1991. What does the "T" stand for?

11. EMF, "Unbelievable." This hit was #1 for one week in July 1991. What does EMF stand for? Hint: The correct answer is not, as has been rumored, "Electro Motive Force" or "Ecstasy Mother F**kers."

12. R*S*F, "I'm Too Sexy." This endearingly goofy novelty smash was #1 for three weeks in February 1992. What does R*S*F stand for?

13. SWV, "Weak." This song was #1 for two weeks in July 1993. It was the female trio's only #1. What does SWV stand for?

14. R. Kelly, "Bump N' Grind." This hit was #1 for four weeks in April and May 1994. The R&B star later returned to #1 in a most unlikely duet with Celine Dion. What does the "R" stand for?

15. TLC, "Creep." This hit logged four weeks at #1 in January and February 1995. It was the first of four #1 hits for the female trio. What does TLC stand for?

16. Coolio featuring L.V., "Gangsta's Paradise." This song from the movie Dangerous Minds spent three weeks at #1 in September 1995. It was a hip-hop update of Stevie Wonder's 1976 song "Pastime Paradise." What does L.V. stand for?

17. Santana featuring The Product G&B, "Maria Maria." This Latin-edged smash spent 10 weeks at #1 from April to June 2000. It was the only Top 40 hit for The Product G&B, a rap duo from New York. What does G&B stand for?

18. Mary J. Blige, "Family Affair."  This smash was #1 for six weeks in November and December 2001. What does the "J" stand for?

19. Jennifer Lopez featuring LL Cool J, "All I Have," This song was #1 for four weeks in February and March 2003. It was LL Cool J's only #1. What does his name signify?

20. D4L, "Laffy Taffy." This song was #1 for one week in January 2006. What does D4L stand for?

21. T-Pain featuring Yung Joc, "Buy U A Drank (Shawty Snappin')." This smash was #1 for one week in May 2007. T-Pain was later featured on #1 hits by Chris Brown and Flo Rida. What does the "T" stand for?


Answer Key: 1. The "B.J." in B.J. Thomas stands for Billy Joe. 2. Bee Gees stands for Brothers Gibb. 3. MFSB stands for Mother, Father, Sister, Brother. 4. AWB stands for Average White Band.  5. Abba consists of the first names of the quartet's members: Anni-Frid Lyngstad, Bjorn Ulvaeus, Benny Andersson, Agnetha Faltskog. 6. The "USA" in USA for Africa stands for United Support of Artists. 7. UB40 stands for Unemployed Benefit, Form 40, the name of the British form for people seeking unemployment benefits. 8. The "B" in Stevie B stands for Bernard, his middle name. 9. The "C&C" in C&C Music Factory stands for (Robert) Clivilles & (David) Cole. 10. The "T" in Timmy-T- stands for Torres, his last name.

11. EMF stands for Epsom Mad Funkers. 12. R*S*F stands for Right Said Fred. 13. SWV stands for Sisters With Voices. 14. The "R" in R. Kelly stands for Robert. 15. TLC consists of the first letters of the nicknames of each of the members: T-Boz, Left Eye and Chilli. 16. L.V. stands for Large Variety. 17. The "G&B" in the Product G&B stands for Ghetto & Blues. 18. The "J" in Mary J. Blige stands for Jane. 19. LL Cool J is short for "Ladies Love Cool James." 20. D4L stands for Down For Life. 21. The "T" in T-Pain stands for Tallahassee, his hometown.

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