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Meet Glen Campbell

Early Edition

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One of the cornerstones of country and pop music history is Glen Campbell, whose more than 50 years in show business have garnered dozens of hits, millions of albums sold, prime-time TV appearances, movie roles, numerous industry awards, and an induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame. Campbell's legendary tunes celebrating everyman's American life have touched a chord not only with masses of fans, but also have served as inspiration to many hitmakers of today, including country powerhouses Alan Jackson and Keith Urban.

Campbell's new studio effort, Meet Glen Campbell, offers his audience a twist by serving up his inspired versions of songs that have touched and moved him over the years. Drawing from an impressive range of genres and eras—the iconic John Lennon to modern punks Green Day—this eagerly anticipated set of tunes is yet another showcase for the wry, honest, clear, and emotional talent that has kept Campbell in the hearts of true music aficionados for decades.

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