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2010 Tonight

On February 9, Christian rap-rocker tobyMac will release Tonight, including the track "ShowStopper." Get ready for his new release by taking a look back at all of his music videos.

2008 Alive and Transported

The CD/DVD set of live concert footage titled Alive and Transported was released in 2008, earning tobyMac a Grammy for Best Rock or Rap Gospel Album.

2007 Portable Sounds

Portable Sounds reached the top spot on Billboard's Top Christian Albums and the number ten spot on The Billboard 200.

2004 Welcome to Diverse City

tobyMac released Welcome to Diverse City in 2004 landing him a Dove Award for Rap/Hip-Hop Album of the Year. The album received a remix in August 2005 with the release of Renovating->Diverse City.

2001 Momentum

In 2001, tobyMac released his first solo project, Momentum, which garnered five Dove awards and a Grammy nomination. A full remix album, Re: Mix Momentum, was released in 2003.

1999 Supernatural

tobyMac's Christian pop group dc Talk released their final album as a group in 1999 titled Supernatural. The three members collaborated on 2001's Solo as a preview to each of their solo careers.

1997 Welcome to the Freak Show

The live dc Talk album Welcome to the Freak Show includes the group's most popular songs from their previous albums including "Mind's Eye" and "Jesus Freak."

1995 Jesus Freak

In 1995's Jesus Freak, dc Talk added elements of soul, psychedelic rock, and pop to their hip-hop foundation. The album earned the top spot on Billboard's Top Contemporary Christian albums chart and crossed over to pop by reaching the top twenty of The Billboard 200.

1992 Free at Last

Free at Last reached the top of the Billboard's Contemporary Christian albums chart and won the Grammy that year for Best Rock Gospel Album.

1988 dc Talk

Toby McKeehan grew up in the northern Virginia suburbs in the shadow of Washington, D.C., where he fell in love with rap and hip-hop. While attending Liberty University at Lynchburg, VA, in the mid-'80s, he met Michael Tait and Kevin Max Smith, and the three friends formed the Christian pop group dc Talk, which mixed elements of gospel, grunge, and hip-hop. The group released their self-titled debut in 1988 and their follow-up Nu Thang in 1991.

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