• Avril Lavigne, Framed

    John Kordosh at Framed (NEW)5 mths ago

    Everyone likes Avril Lavigne, but few like her more than Framed. This is the fourth time we've featured one of her vids here, and it's always a good time all around. This week we've got "Let Me Go," a Vevo premiere featuring Avril and her new husband Chad Kroeger of Nickleback. The track is slated to appear on Ms. Lavigne's new, self-titled LP, due for a November 5 release.

    The piano-driven tune is, perhaps surprisingly, a ballad, and a break-up ballad at that. That's sort of strange in that Chad and Av have only been married for three months. We'd like to say that Avril's projecting a more grown-up image, except her earlier 2013 release, "Here's To Never Growing Up," will also be on the new album.

    So what's your take, readers? Is this the same snot that gave us "Girlfriend," which was, of course, the second video ever highlighted by this blog? Or is this a new, more sophisticated songstress with a more mature story to tell? We'll hold our breath until you get back to us.

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  • Punish Fort, Framed

    John Kordosh at Framed6 mths ago

    Welcome back to Framed , readers. This week, we're presenting the Best Video We've Ever Seen.

    It's the work of Punish Fort, a Seattle-based hard rock band, and is from their 2008 album, the niftily-titled Cripe, All Mighty . The song, about a creepy pumpkin-headed being, is called "Pumpkinhead," and--although it's absolutely the most obscure video to ever grace our blog--it shows that great art is not the province of the corporations. Good work, Punish Fort!

    Pumpkinhead, unsurprisingly, is no friend to we humans. Watch as a terrorized citizen attempts to flee, only to be cornered by the cunning vegetable-man! Quake at Pumpkinhead's macabre stand-up routine! Listen as Punish Fort repeats the word "pumpkinhead" interminably!

    What do you say, readers? Can you name a better music video? Should Punish Fort be forever remembered as geniuses of the art form? Should we go back to doing today's hottest-selling artists?

    We await your verdict as well as your breathless thanks!

    1 -- Science now believes that rock bands can suck under many lighting conditions.

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  • One Republic, Framed

    John Kordosh at Framed (NEW)6 mths ago

    This week's guest artists, the Colorado band One Republic, first caught the public's fancy with their 2007 hit, "Apologize." Since then, their work has sold steadily if not spectacularly, although their 2013 album, Native , hit #4 in the U.S.

    This week's video, "Counting Stars," is from that album, and the video is sort of weird. The band is performing or practicing in a horrible basement somewhere. Meanwhile, in a room right above them, some sort of Christian revival is taking place. Eventually, the floor of the church room collapses, and one its members tumbles down there with the Republic guys. End of video.

    We've watched this thing several times and still don't know what it means. The lyrics are no help. We got nothing. So this week, we're turning to you, our valuable and canny readers: what the heck's going on here? Anyone who can supply a satisfactory answer will win a pretty good prize, although we haven't figured out what it'll be yet. Maybe a car or something like a small house.

    So enjoy the tune, enjoy our captions, and please let us know your take on this very puzzling video event.

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  • Steve Martin, Framed

    John Kordosh at Framed (NEW)6 mths ago

    Everyone knows that Steve Martin is a great, great comedian, a fine actor and one hell of a writer. But how many know that Mr. Martin is also quite a musician, and a banjo player of considerable skill?

    We here at Framed knew, of course, since we're highly (if randomly and seemingly arbitrarily) paid observers of the modern culture. It's our job to know stuff like this.

    Martin says he got interested in the banjo when he was 17, and learned to play it with help from John McEuen of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, who later served as Martin's back-up band on his 1978 hit novelty tune, "King Tut." To underscore his love of the instrument, in 2010 Martin created the Steve Martin Prize for Excellence in Banjo and Bluegrass, which includes a $50,000 cash prize.

    Our video this week is "Jubilation Day," a catchy and humorous bluegrass tune performed by Steve and the Steep Canyon Rangers. It appears on his2011 LP, Rare Bird Alert , which also features titles like "Go Away, Stop, Turn Around, Come Back," and "Atheists Don't Have No Songs."

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  • Hoobastank, Framed

    John Kordosh at Framed (NEW)6 mths ago

    Good day to you, readers, and thanks for looking in. Framed is the only blog that entertains you at every level of your consciousness, so you've made a good choice.

    This week our video feature is courtesy of Hoobastank, the great SoCal combo that took the world by storm about a decade ago with their big hit, "The Reason." We'll examine the video and make many germane, if oblique, comments through our captions, all of which are copyright protected.

    The song seems to be about regret -- we invite you to check out -- but the video is about a carefully-staged heist of a valuable gem. It's like a mini Ocean's Eleven. In the vid, the band fakes an accident, drawing a crowd and allowing them to pull off their chicanery.

    We were also going to tell you how the band got its name, but, once we heard the story, we thought it was kind of boring. Instead, we ask you to enjoy the video and our captions, and invite you to tune into Framed again next week.

    1 -- Sleeping during Hoobastank videos is not only acceptable, it's unavoidable.

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  • Marc Anthony, Framed

    John Kordosh at Framed (NEW)6 mths ago

    We're excited -- that's our default state, by the way -- that this week's special guest artist is the great pop/salsa singer, Marc Anthony. Readers may best know Marc as J-Lo's ex-husband, but, of course, he's a star in his own right, having scored three Top 10 LPs in the U.S. over his several-decades-long career.

    The video we're featuring is "Vivir Mi Vida," a new Vevo premier that's picked up over six million views in a week. The title translates into English as "Live My Life," and the lyrics are about living and enjoying life; laughing and dancing instead of crying and suffering.

    Good advice, to be sure, readers! The video's in black and white, so we asked Marc to comment, in caption form, on the artistic values involved in that choice.

    He graciously agreed, but we think he may have misunderstood us. That happens to us a lot. But, since we're on a tight deadline, we'll go with what he gave us, and hope it all goes well.

    See you next week, readers! With a whole new Framed !

    1 -- "Like many singers, I've often wondered what life would be like if it the world was bereft of color. A world of grays and whites and blacks."

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  • Katy Perry, Framed

    John Kordosh at Framed (NEW)7 mths ago

    Hola, readers, and welcome back to Framed , the world's only music video/humor blog that is, on occasion, bilingual.

    ¡Muy bueno!

    This week we're bringing back demure superstar songstress Katy Perry, whose new video, "Roar," is gathering scads of views. It's already passed 60 million on Vevo as of this writing, and most of those viewers had to sit through a Grand Theft Auto ad just to see it!

    Oh, Vevo, you darn capitalists, you!

    The song seems to be about a gal who will no longer turn the other cheek, and the video pretty much depicts Katy as Sheena, Queen of the Jungle. It's a rocker, let there be no doubt. So please take our good advice and enjoy the vid, as well as the splendid captions we've written, and return here in one week for even more music video shenanigans!

    ¡Hasta luego!

    1 -- JungleScope is something like CinemaScope, only jungler!

    2 -- Could the Dharma Initiative be far away?

    3 -- Katy often uses an ugly man in drag as a stunt double!

    4 -- This video is a crock! Do you get it, readers?

    5 -- "I am the handsome prince! Now where's that demure songstress?"

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  • Lorde, Framed

    John Kordosh at Framed (NEW)7 mths ago

    Hi, readers! Let's talk about Lorde, aka Ella Yelich-O'Connor, and this week's guest artist in Framed .

    Ella hails from New Zealand, an island nation on the other side of the world. We learn from her bio that she was spotted at the age of 12 by A&R scout Scott Maclachlan... and we're not here to ask a lot of questions, but, hmm. In any case, she was signed to a label and "began working with songwriters" when she was 14.

    Lorde is now 16, by the way. We know you're dying to know about her stage name -- hell, so were we!-- so here's what she's said:

    “When I was trying to come up with a stage name, I thought ‘Lord’ was super rad, but really masculine — ever since I was a little kid, I have been really into royals and aristocracy. So to make Lord more feminine, I just put an ‘e’ on the end! Some people think it’s religious, but it’s not.”

    OK, Lorde. Er, good explanation.

    Speaking of super rad, our video this week is, of course, Lorde's very catchy "Royals." The tune, in which she sings of her station in life, has already hit #1 on the U.S. Alt Rock charts. We have no doubt you'll like it, too, so sit, click, and read on.

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  • The Plimsouls, Framed

    John Kordosh at Framed (NEW)7 mths ago

    In the late 1970s and early 1980s, a group called the Plimsouls was wowing Los Angeles crowds. The band was formed by Peter Case, formerly of the Nerves, and played the "New Wave" music that was becoming the thing in the U.S. and U.K.

    Although quite popular on the L.A. club scene, and signed to a major label, the Plimsouls -- a British term for sneakers, by the way -- couldn't quite break through on a national level. They released only two LPs and three singles during their heyday, two of the latter being "A Million Miles Away," this week's video.

    The song appeared in the 1983 movie Valley Girl and became their biggest hit. So much so that it was released as a single twice, on two different labels. And even though it was a terrific song, it wasn't quite enough.

    We hope you'll enjoy this stroll through the past as well as our always-amusing captions, and we hope you'll join us again next week for whatever the heck it is we do.

    1 -- The people of the 1980s liked easy-to-understand romantic dramas, cigarettes.

    2 -- Maybe now they'd meet Peter Case's twin brother, Justin.

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  • Anna Kendrick, Framed

    John Kordosh at Framed (NEW)7 mths ago

    Wouldn't it be great, readers, to excel at several important activities at the same time? Like, say, acting and singing. Or writing captions and drinking beer.

    Wouldn't that be great ?

    This week we're very pleased to welcome Anna Kendrick to Framed . Anna is the super-talented Academy Award-winning actress who's appeared in Rocket Science , Up in the Air , the Twilight saga, and many, many more.

    But Anna is also a talented singer, as witnessed by this year's hit single, "Cups," from the film Pitch Perfect . Ingeniously, the video features the staff and patrons of a restaurant using cups and hand claps as rhythmic instruments. Anna, who plays a waitress in the video, makes her way through the dining and cooking areas of the restaurant, as no beats are missed. It's really quite good.

    You're sure to be a better person after watching the vid and reading our captions, which, as always, are right down there below. We'll be back next week to, once again, amuse and amaze.

    1 -- "Why, if these box office receipts reflect reality, the Twilight franchise is quite lucrative !"

    2 -- Cooks With His Hand Man decided to cook with his hand !

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