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5 Reasons Why I Like ‘I Am…Sasha Fierce’

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I wasn't sure what to think when I heard that Beyonce was already releasing a new CD, a double CD at that. I immediately liked "If I Were A Boy" but wasn't so sure about "Single Ladies." But after listening to the entire double CD set, I have to give her props. Here are my reasons why:

5. It's a double CD, sorta - There are only 16 songs. Artists generally use the double CDs to force die-hard fans to pay extra to purchase even more wack filler tracks. But I Am...Sasha Fierce is just 16 songs, the length of a regular album. It sequences separately her club and dance tracks which make for a better listening experience.

4. The quality of Beyonce's ballads evolves - Instead of sophomore lyrics about love, I Am...Sasha Fierce slow jams like "If I Were A Boy," "Broken-Hearted Girl" and "Disappear" are more sophisticated. Beyonce's spin on the classical song "Ave Maria" is dope. In one sense, the thought of attempting to modernize such a classic song is a bad idea. But she pulls it off.

3. "If I Were A Boy," the video - The "If I Were A Boy" video offers an excellent interpretation of the song. Beyonce engages viewers by leading them on a journey of deceit, showing a woman neglecting her husband, yet showing public affection for her male co-worker. Just as Beyonce riles viewers and convinces them that something isn't right, in comes the surprise twist. Great suspense.

2. Beyonce's one sleeved leotard - While I like the "If I Were A Boy" video better, I am in the minority. Beyonce's video for "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)" is the one that had a friend recently proclaim on a social networking site that she wanted to learn the choreography. It's the one that has teenage boys and grown men alike rushing to their computers to watch the video repeatedly. It's the one that will bring ladies out to the club in one sleeved leotards. This video clearly didn't cost as much to make as did "If I Were A Boy," but this is what you called a viral hit. So she deserves props for that.

1. Beyonce Gets Her Rap On - Yeah, I'm a sucka for female rappers. There's few things flier than a sexy around the way girl spitting. Beyonce is no Lyte, Kim or Jean Grae, but she does on thing on Diva over a chopped and screwed beat. Check the lyric, "I done got so sick and filthy with Benjis I can't spend." LOL.

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