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50 Cent Screened ‘Before I Self Destruct’ For His Old Neighborhood

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50 Cent wanted to know what people from his hometown thoughtof his new movie, "Before I Self Destruct," so he held a private viewing.

"I screened this film for 75 people from my neighborhood,"50 Cent explained in an exclusive interview with Yahoo! Music. "This is probablythe first and last time this will be played for people who are willing to beClarence."

Clarence is the lead character in the 90-minute straight to DVD movie that will be packaged with 50 Cent's new albumof the same name and released on November 24. 50 Cent plays Clarence in the filmwhich he also wrote and directed.

Clarence is an aspiring basketball star who is forced to puthis hoop dreams on hold and to take a job as a grocery store stock clerk.

When Clarence's mother is murdered, he takes on theresponsibility of caring for his little brother while also seeking revenge onthe person behind his family's tragedy.

50 Cent managed to humanize Clarence, who becomes a hitmanwhen he is offered $25,000 to take someone's life. Clarence took on the offeras a means to care for his brother.

"Where I come from, they would take it, and do it," 50 said,describing the reaction from the attendants at the special screening. "It wouldcost less. [Twenty-five thousand dollars] is actually expensive. For $5,000they would do it. The guy who shot me only got $5,000."

50 wanted to tell the story of a person who hits a low and fallsinto a self-destructive path. "I wrote a screenplay that would actually showsomeone regressing to the point that nothing matters," 50 said.

50 stressed that Clarence is not Curtis Jackson, his reallife persona. But he wrote the movie after listening to tracks he had alreadyrecorded for the accompanying album.

"It all came from one experience," 50 said, explaining theconnection between the music and the film. "The main character has the biggestloss that I've had in my life which is my mom. But this story is not aboutCurtis or 50 Cent."

Next week, 50 Cent will premiere the video for the song "Baby By Me." Former Destiny's Child member Kelly Rowland plays 50's love interest in the video.

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